Why Book Graham?

Graham Le Sar

Life & Business Coach - Speaker - Author
  • Make money... Save money...

    Tap into his innovative ideas to, inspire, motivate and encourage both yourselves and your team members to take ownership of their personal and business lives, challenge personal fears and issues of helplessness and powerlessness, make the sustained shift from pessimism to optimism and embrace the qualities that differentiate the mediocre performer from the great performer: – self belief; self trust; self determination and rejection tolerance, to boost morale, improve productivity achieve consistent success.

  • Peace of mind... a motivational speaker with a lasting message!

    He can reach any group in the diversity of the South African scenario. He is comfortable working with Executives in the boardroom, Key players on a ‘bosberaad’, Leadership teams on a team building exercise, Sales teams at a conference, Your whole Organization in an auditorium, Women’s groups, Men’s groups, Special interest groups … even teenagers in a school hall.

  • Value for Money...

    Cram as many delegates into the venue as you can fit, and your investment stays the same making it a cost effective way to reach all your people.

  • Unique... Graham works inside out.

    Most motivational speakers inspire in the moment but the message cools as the audience leaves the venue. Graham’s message speaks to the individual, cutting to the root of why they continue to do what they already know is sabotaging their efforts or don’t do what they already know they should be doing. He has the ability to blend truth, practicality and humour into a compelling message of Hope.

  • Experienced & reliable... a true professional!

    Graham is a Change Facilitator, Speaker, Author, and Life & Business Coach. He has a collective span of 25 years in the Life-Solutions field. He has successfully made a difference in the lives of hundreds of people through teaching, workshops, seminars and personal & group Coaching interventions by applying his groundbreaking work helping people to work through their issues of helplessness, hopelessness and powerlessness.

    Featured on SAFM’s Design for Life with Douglas Kruger, 702 with Tim Modise, David O’Sullivan and Leigh Bennie, SAFM with Nancy Richardson & Tracy Going, Entrepreneur and Channel Islam, as well as and appearing in YOU Magazine; Odyssey; Essentials; Fair Lady; Rooi Rose and the Star Workplace, Readers Digest and Get-It Magazine.