What People are saying…

The impact on my business performance was almost immediate; the effect was massive, allowing me to move my business from pedestrian growth to one of the fastest growing in the Old Mutual Franchise environment. Graham's vast knowledge and expertise speaks for itself, and when combined with the high degree of personal involvement he shows this makes for a very powerful package.
Adam ScottManaging Director & Franchise Principal: Iconic Assurance (Old Mutual Franchise)
Through working with Graham, I was able to get clarity on what I really want my life to be about and shine a light on what was blocking me at a deeper level. This allowed me the space to question my old and outdated beliefs, decisions and assumptions in a safe space and either discard or re-evaluate them. This truly was a journey of self-discovery that allowed me to proceed at my own pace and let my life unfold in its own unique way. Today I know that I really do ‘play in a safe playground’!
Chris NelManaging Director The Guru Hut
I have implemented the systems necessary to assist me during the growth of my business. I have found that I need to work on my business and not in my business and that operations are not where I should be day to day. I am becoming aware of how I spend my time and on what and understanding that I cannot do this alone and need to employ the right staff to do the things that I am not good at to become the fearless business leader, I should be. I need to do the fun things and have the squirrels do the parrot work.
Gavin NortjeManaging Director Gavotech
I have become much more of a thinker than a doer. I’ve grown comfortable with the patience game. I live consciously, aware of why I do things. I walk tall and am ok with who I am and what I have achieved.
Martin WimbleProject Engineer
I have reached a decision on where I am going in the future. The coaching has made me sit down and take the time to work through all the thoughts in my head and writing them down has allowed me to identify what I love to do and what I can do going forward.” I have reached a happy decision in my mind on what I want to do going forward. Through your questions and homework, I have been able to put my thoughts and ideas on paper and found what I love to do. The answers were always there, but you helped me find them and logically put them in order.
Audrey McMilanManaging Director Sapro International
I cannot explain to you just how awesome that meeting with you was the other day. It opened my eyes again and made me realize that I actually am capable of doing whatever I set my mind to and its also made me realize that there are a lot of things I need to change with the business – like actually following up and asking for the order – and even more importantly, I need to make personal changes and believe in myself and my abilities again.
Marc ProsserEntrepreneur
Graham I can not put it into words easily what you have done to get my life back on track but you have been a huge part of my support team and enabled me to focus on the real issues. I thank you but I’m sure you haven’t seen the last of me yet!
John WorrallEntrepreneur
Graham offered me the ability to keep myself accountable to the decisions taken, he has been a great sounding board and often offered innovative ideas on how to approach an issue.
James ClucasEntrepreneur
Following your programme in January, February was our best months yet. Thank you Graham!
Laura LeeEntrepreneur
A good life coach like Graham opens your eyes to all possibilities and different ways of doing and looking at “your stuff”. By working with Graham I realized that I am in the right line of work. By realizing what makes me tick, we have planned my business around that. I now wake up without that feeling of impending doom. I no longer do stuff that does not fit with me.
Most of us go through stages in our lives where we find ourselves in a situation of uncertainty, of not knowing how to go forward or what to do next. Graham helped me understand what I am good at and what I truly enjoy doing. Should you find yourself in such a situation, I would challenge you to take the leap and make an appointment – you will find it is time well spent.
Fanie SwartEntrepreneur
Our sessions were the first step in breaking a destructive cycle and creating new habits. By talking about them, the demons became flesh and bones; you made me feel that it was OK. Much has changed - a new company, new job description, new products, new partners, new income streams, new habits, new attitude, new commitments, new priorities, new level of ownership and responsibility. Old coping mechanisms become part of who we are and ripping them out, roots and all, is no easy process; the hole left behind can easily fill up with even more destructive behaviors unless they are replace with something better.
Steve EilertsenEntrepreneur
I am far more comfortable with myself and am not afraid to speak up. In the past I didn’t feel that I had much to contribute so I tended to stay in the background. I now am comfortable to put my ideas forward in various situations. The feedback I am getting from others is very positive and I find that my ideas and dreams I had for my future are starting to come together and take shape.
Wendy MurrellEntrepreneur
I have reconnected with my inner self and my vision for my life. Through talking to Graham, I realized that it was ok to be different and be misunderstood for it sometimes. I have started paying myself first and taking better care of myself; I no longer unnecessarily put others’ needs before my own. I have also learnt not to internalize criticism and other people’s negative behavior. I am no longer get frustrated when others don’t react positively to my ideas or advice. I have also started taking back my power and speaking my truth regardless of defensive others get. I have stopped trying to sugar coat things to avoid confrontation/rejection; I now have the courage speak my mind with conviction.
Ntsako MaswanganyiEntrepreneur
I have managed to be more structural and have been able to prioritize giving me more time and control. It has been wonderful to link up and summarize weeks, seeing where improvements could be made. Being encouraged to reassess my own person and habits has been a great revelation. Using Graham’s tools to help me find out what needed and could be changed as well as their source was extremely helpful. I enjoyed the objective yet valuable input and suggestions and the fact that I was fortunate to have Graham listen to me as well as guide me. All in all I feel at peace with who and where I am and excited about where I am going and the opportunities ahead. Sometimes in order to move on, one needs a little help to de-clutter the mind and realign the business and personal aspects of one’s life. Graham has successfully done this for me and I am truly grateful!
My life has changed and I changed it. Were it not for your assistance, direction and input, I would certainly have still been on the road to nowhere I was on before we started. The exciting part is that this is only the beginning. Thank you once more for what you are doing, you really are making a difference and you couldn’t have found a better motto, 'Co-creating a Higher Quality of Life!
Charl SteenkampEntrepreneur
Invaluable in terms of helping me to arrive at a point of clarity in terms of how I would like to grow and what I would like to achieve personally and professionally. I recommend Graham’s services to anyone who even slightly suspects that they’re not accessing the vast resources that each of us has within.
Aasifah OmarCorporate Trainer, Work Skills Academy
Helped me to identify the basic needs that drive me. I can now visualize the life I want and draw up my ‘flight plan’ to get there.
Wessel WesselsGeneral Manager Outsourcing, Bytes Technology Group
My coaching experience has helped me become magnetically focused on my goals so that I know that each and every day I will be an advancing person. I have managed to overcome fear and move from being competitive to being creative. I can now operate on a higher level of thinking which enables me to realize that obstacles merely open the way for better opportunities in the future. My coaching has been a really worthwhile experience and I have gained a lot of insight. Ideally I would continue. Creativity and love is permanent for the advancing person – we need never therefore lose our focus! Many thanks for your guidance.
Margie SimpsonIBO Herbalife
'We all need a coach' – that is what most of the top performers the world over tells us – and they are right. I am a goal individual and self-development is part and parcel of my life. However, with Graham as my life coach it became much easier to bring all my goals together in one program. By acting as a clear and keen soundboard Graham provides a strong and honest support, base that enables me to distinguish more of the proverbial wood form the trees and to concentrate my efforts even better and maintain balance at the same time.
Dirk BeukesWealth Specialist, Stratequity
Having been through a coaching session with Graham, I can say with absolute certainty and gratitude that it was one of the most profound experiences of my life. He has an uncanny ability, in an empathetic gentle way of getting you to know and understand yourself and your thought processes, and then to steer you back on track with clarity and vision. I find his follow-up and support amazing and he is always open and willing to listen and assist when necessary. He is the type of person that when you are having a bad day, can pick up the phone to him and say “Graham, tell me a good story…” For anyone who is serious about making changes in their lives and has a burning desire to succeed, then Graham’s coaching is an absolute must and I cannot recommend it enough.
Anthony LarterIndependent Herbalife Distributor
I now know that I am able to achieve any thing that I want to and to discipline myself in my daily activities to achieve my goals. I have made a distinction between work and my personal life and improved my relationship with my wife, my financial status and my health by exercising. Personal coaching is the answer for any person wanting a fresh look on life, to achieve personal goals or to improve their quality of life! I would like to thank you for your effort and advice over the last three months. Damn, time sure flies when you are having fun.
Chris SwanepoelFinancial Adviser, Sanlam
I have corrected a negative recurring pattern which has previously caused some disastrous situations over many years in my life. Since coaching with Graham, I have begun to set and achieve my goals for the first time, with total self belief. Graham has helped me to turn my life around. From confusion and low self esteem, I have achieved a level of congruence, direction and happiness, which I have never previously attained. Highly recommended!
Clive BassonSystems designer & Entrepreneur
It has now all happened exactly according to script. It all started with you asking the right questions and helping me gain the right insights and from there, one thing led to another. Now two years later I am doing a multi -million rand property development. It is quite a story and the rewards are going to be huge financially in the long run and in most other aspects of my life, I have benefited beyond anything I could have hoped for. With so much thanks and appreciation.
Evadne de JagerAttorney & Eco-Property Developer
I have had a complete rethink about my business and money. Coaching with Graham has got me to open my mind about the energy of money.
Stan WarrenEntrepreneur
Graham has helped me to improve my opinion of myself. Knowing that there is someone there who wants me to succeed for myself. Graham has supported me on my path, even when others have questioned it. I am building trust in my own decisions, guidance, ideas, myself. I now have a higher level of self acceptance and a growing confidence in making real changes in my life.
Ilona LamprechtHead of Information and Documentation Centre; Ingerop Africa
I am, as a result of coaching with Graham, in a better place mentally than I have ever been before. Coaching has given me a new outlook on the situations I am faced with and the courage to trust in myself. I am empowered!
Gareth GouwsEntrepreneur
I have a clear direction of purpose, who I am and how to be. I have stepped up to becoming a businesswoman despite all my fears and lack of experience. I overcame my fear of marketing and through following Graham’s plan; I have tripled my client base. I am more professional and no longer feel desperate. Graham helped me to bring my dreams back and know that it is truly possible. Graham has helped me to be disciplined; he has helped me through depression so it passed with a blink of the eye. I have been amazed at his versatility to deal with every situation. His generosity in sharing his resources has astounded me. He offers far more in value if you are really ready to ACT.
Jo HazelhurstCorporate Facilitator
Graham, you have turned my outlook around 180 degrees. I feel a lot happier with what I have, I know how I’m going to do better, and I’m excited about getting there. Your experience and non-judgmental approach has inspired me.
Craig McCormackEntrepreneur
Break through moments. I feel it was perfect timing that you have entered our lives at this time.
Jenny Ah KwangTreasury Manager, Nedcor Bank
Helped me to realize that I am unique and find my purpose in life. Taught me to identify what causes my anger and to harness that energy. I have changed a lot in the sense that I am more confident about myself and finding ways to get where I want to be. Helped me to realize that I am worthy and have a lot of potential. Helped me to map out my life to be the way I want it to be.
Nick & Daryl LeongStudents, (identical twins)
I think what’s important for me is that I know more about who I am and where I am going than before you started coaching me. Sure – I’ve still got a lot to learn but it feels wonderful having a purpose and being focused. I’m feeling far more confident too, clearer and more positive. I know in subtle ways, your help and coaching was the beginning of positive and powerful changes for me. Thanks for the magic!
Katherine CoxDirector CJP
Graham helped me to set out my goal and have a plan of action, practice it and leave the rest to the higher power. I am now able to relax instead of relapse, acknowledge my talents – artistic flair in art and food that many people do not possess. Many new avenues of income have opened for me, including painting fabrics which I never dreamed of. I feel blessed and aware that I am powerful and very talented. Graham gives you direction in whatever field you want to pursue, he suggests ways and means of doing things that you haven’t thought of.
Gita BlankfieldEntrepreneur
How many times in your life do you go to a motivational seminar, are fired up and a week later you have already forgotten half of what you learned and never implement any of the changes you were so committed to implement? Through Graham’s coaching I have learned a lot about myself and implemented some useful methods. Graham’s coaching is not just for short-term results, but helps you change and implement on the long term. Graham has helped me do the following: resign my job (which was having a negative influence on my life), relocate overseas, change my career, landed a brand new job in my new career and the most important of all, to help me work on building and expanding my own business. Long-term change and success through short term effective coaching. Graham – I will always be thankful for what I have learned from you, and the friend I found in you!
Wilna JoubertIndependent Herbalife Distributor (New Zealand)
Graham very quickly managed to provide me with tools to assist me with my challenges. During our sessions, Graham raised a series of interesting questions with regards to my aspirations. After working through these questions and talking through what life actually has to offer, I found my goals gradually changing. As my goals changed, Graham helped me attain direction and focus on pursuing those things that I now really believe that I should be pursuing in life. Graham really has changed my life. I would definitely recommend Graham’s services to anyone who needs assistance with direction and focus in almost any aspect their lives.
Sean TalbotIT Project Manager
I have become so much more conscious of my thought patterns and beliefs and I can see better how to change them to serve my goals. Striving towards my goals should be fun and I am able to correct myself if I find myself ‘struggling’. I have enjoyed the process and am excited to continue towards my goals better equipped and more aware. I believe that using the tools I have learned here will be a huge aid to achieving what I want in life.
Hazel LakeEntrepreneur
Graham has helped me to realize that I do have goals and dreams and that I have a purpose. He has helped me to define my goal and question my Life’s Intentions. I have learned to look at my life again, analyze the facts, emotions and feelings, define my goals and put steps in pace to achieve them.
Debbie KrantzEntrepreneur
Graham is a very knowledgeable and capable coach who constantly challenges you to answer the difficult questions by going inside yourself. He provides personalized service and has shown me the importance of experiencing life as an adventure and a game and that it is not a problem to be solved
Coaching with Graham helped me to identify the real issues amongst all the clutter. An impartial and unbiased sounding board has been very useful in addressing critical issues.
Rainer KrantzEntrepreneur
'Asking for help makes you powerful' – isn’t that the TRUTH! Remember I asked you for help about 18 months ago when I was in an unfavorable place in my life and you started coaching me? Since then I have progressed to the directorship of a company that is expanding at a tremendous pace, both in South Africa and across the borders. This brings its own challenges for which you have prepared me admirably to face and resolve, training for which I am most grateful, and without which I would not have been able to rise to meet the challenge. I find my life is now so much richer and satisfying and I am so excited about my prospects for the future. Bless you Graham and your work.
Kelvin BothaEntrepreneur
I am maintaining a better focus on my personal life versus my work life. My J.O.B. is not totally dominating my 'existence' and I am progressing towards having a LIFE. Previously, the sort of work pressure I am under would have resulted in no focus at all on my personal life. Graham’s experience resulted in him having a 'trick' up his sleeve for anything I needed during our sessions. His skill set enabled him to deal with deep-seated issues at a level that resulted in me making significant shifts in my life. If you are ready to shift your stuff (and your life), I recommend you give Graham a call.
Rodney AckermanEntrepreneur