What is Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful strategy to achieve personal and professional excellence.

Graham specialized in working with Entrepreneurial businesses (owner managed; self employed professionals, etc.) to take back control of their businesses, although he also worked with Leaders in the Corporate world, Sales Leaders & Teams, and anyone serious about making a difference in their own life and by definition the lives of people around them.

People came to him because they know what they don’t want but not what they do want which sets up patterns of re-creating more of what they don’t want. Or they came to him because they have an idea of what they want but not how to get there. But mostly they came to him because they have an idea about what they do want, very often the have known this for years, but nothing that they have done this far has brought them significantly closer to where they want to be.

Which category best describes your situation?

People come to the realization that their lives could be so much better. They read a book, watch a movie, attend a seminar or read his e-zine…

They realize that the circumstance of their lives right now is a product of the quality of the product of their thinking … about themselves, the world and their capacity to operate in the world in a meaningful way, and their resultant behavioral patterns.

So they resolve to change their thinking and actions…

The problem is that this usually lasts until about… Wednesday… and then it all falls apart…

The reason that it all falls apart is because we live in a causal universe where time is a critical factor. It is going to take time for the new results to start to manifest, but in the meantime, the old stuff, the stuff we don’t want, is still happening. If you think about it … it really has to because it is a product of previous decisions, choices and actions.

So in the gap between the old obsolete stuff rolling out and the new desired stuff rolling in, that we get stuck in a frustrating limbo and feel even more helpless and powerless than we did before.

Coaching helps to bridge the gap, to support you as you make the transformation from what you don’t want to what you do want.

Actors, Performers & Athletes speak of a good Coach as someone possessing the abilities to push them to the edge of their creative envelope, bringing out greatness that was untapped, potential that emerges as unparalleled skill. Graham’s was very successful in being that kind of Coach for MANY people and he changed their lives in ways they couldn’t have imagined!

Graham’s process was to help people to:

  • Explore what is stopping your dream from
    happening right now

  • Rise above the current confusion or lack of clarity

  • Eliminate or re-pattern the root causes

  • Get in touch with what you really want to BE or Do or HAVE in your life

  • Put a plan in place to bridge the gap, explore options, make decisions...

  • ...and support the process