Turn Your Life Around

Graham recently had the privilege to work with a young woman who came to him because her fledgling Training and Facilitation Business was going nowhere fast. She was feeling lost, stuck and desperate about her future.


At that time she was she was a struggling free-lance facilitator who had no clear sense of what her product offering was and where she wanted to take it. To make matters worse she had little or no belief in herself and was not sure that her facilitation work was worth anything at all.

She just knew that the corporate world was not for her.


The success of any Entrepreneurial Business lies in the heart of the business owner. Their personal strengths or weaknesses impact directly on their relationships with their staff, their suppliers and more importantly on their customers and so ultimately on their financial stability and success.

Her personal state of well being was seriously affecting her business. So paradoxically this was clearly the place to start.

We began by uncovering her “structures of knowing” about her core beliefs about herself – her vision, her values, her self-esteem and self worth. By helping her to accept that who she is was already good enough she was able to accept that the work she had done for her existing customers had added value to their lives and thus she was serving a useful purpose that had intrinsic value.

From this she was able to define her niche and identify the demographics and psychographics of her “Ideal customer” profile. By recognizing what her existing customers found valuable we were able to refine her product offering and peg what future customers would be willing to pay for her services and define her profit margin.

We were now able to create a marketing plan supported by a campaign to attract more of these ideal customers into her business leveraging off innovative, inexpensive marketing initiatives.

The next step was to implement and support her plan and manage the various processes and activities that are necessary for her continued success. She realized that she needed to structure her working activities and resources – principally her time and energy, so that everything got done in a structured, systematized fashion thus creating a harmonious, predictable and consistent outcome.

An integral part of this process was for her to realize the value of her time and where best to focus her effort so as to balance the aspects of “doing”, managing and strategizing. Finding innovative ways to leverage her time, energy, skills, resources and money to set her business up to support her ideal lifestyle instead of living in the trap that so many small business people suffer from.


Today she is a self-assured young training professional, sure of herself and of the value of her service offering, able to demand and get paid what she is worth. Her clients are among the elite of the corporate and informal South African market and she is now in the envious position of being able to unashamedly turn down business that does not resonate with her core beliefs.

She has overcome her fear of marketing herself and her product and tripled her client base.

She has discovered that she really does offer a great service and the best part of the package is herself and that bringing about her dreams is an easy step by step approach.


Graham has helped me to be disciplined in my daily activities I was struggling with, he has helped me through depression so it passed with a blink of the eye. I have been amazed at his versatility to deal with every situation. His generosity in sharing his resources has astounded me. He offers far more in value if you are really ready to ACT. I now have a clear direction of purpose, who I am and how to be. I have stepped up to becoming a businesswoman despite all my fears and lack of experience. I overcame my fear of marketing and through following Graham’s plan; I have tripled my client base. I am more professional and no longer feel desperate. Graham helped me to bring my dreams back and know that it is truly possible.


How about you?…

If you’re not having fun then you’re doing it wrong!