Transformation Coaching Track

Graham’s Transformation Track employs an inside-out approach, structured around the individual needs of his clients, his process is loosely to support them to rise above the current lack of clarity or uncertainty, then to get them in touch with exactly what it is that they are searching for, then to explore what is preventing that ideal state from manifesting, external, though more usually sabotaging internal constraints, then to eliminate and /or re-pattern those sabotaging internal constraints and finally to create and support an action plan to bridge the gap between what is currently happening and the desired outcomes.

Graham’s Transformation Track consists of twelve 1-hour sessions spread over 4 or 8 months (depending on your needs or budget) including telephonic and email support.

Graham can help you to shift your stuff and do the same for anyone you refer to him.

CONTACT GRAHAM now online to set up an Introductory Meeting to discuss your current situation and explore how he can personally help you to Shift your Stuff.

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Graham can help you to:

  • Overcome your issues of hopelessness, helplessness and powerlessness

  • Learn how to use your talents, time, energy and self-motivation to make a critical difference in your life

  • Achieve insight, accountability, motivation and clarity of purpose

  • Identify your purpose, achieve your goals, co-create and maintain your higher quality of life

  • Use your authentic power to creatively live a life of significance