Strategic Planning Session

Take your Organization to the next step…

A 3 to 5 hour focused interactive Strategy Session designed to review your Organization: explore what is working and identify what is not working; discuss the obstacles in your way and the opportunities open to you and create an action plan to shift the obstacles, harvest the opportunities and harness your teams creativity to establish innovative solutions and promote buy-in as well as offer guidance, a fresh perspective and sustain momentum, promote predictability and consistency through innovative, tailor make structures and systems as well as sustaining morale and focus.

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Half day workshop designed to support YOU & YOUR TEAM to:

  • Understand and share individual vision; mission; values for your organization

  • Discuss a generic business model with specific relevance to your organization

  • Establish a future based “End in Mind” success scenario for your organization

  • Explore the critical 3C’s of Concept; Competency and Commitment of your team

  • Explore what is working / not working (strengths / weaknesses) within the context of the 3C’s

  • Define key roles and role players in your team

  • Individual and group issues will be addressed appropriately as they arise

  • Action Plan the way forward

  • Define a cohesive, congruent and integrated Vision/ Mission; Values; Critical success factors; Strategic goals; Key performance indicators; roles and accountabilities by Company / by Department / by individual