Shift Your Selling Stuff

Ever wondered why 80% of your sales team brings in just 20% of your sales…

  • 50% will, between them be steady producers, but will individually fluctuate…
  • 30% should probably not be there at all because, as things stand now, they will never shape up and will only cost you money…

What do Team Leaders, Sales Managers & Business Owners do?

They throw money at the problem, lots of money, … skills training, motivational training, team building exercises and whatever ‘bleeding edge’, ‘state of the art’ latest ‘miracle-course’ they hear about … TRAINING THAT DOES NOT WORK!

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Half day workshop designed to support YOU & YOUR TEAM to:

  • Have belief in themselves – they trust that they are inherently worthy and deserving of success

  • Be self-motivated – they pick up the phone and keep calling until they succeed

  • Chase the bigger deals; ask for the sale; try one more time, and are consistently, over time, more successful than the remaining 80% combined

  • Be self determining – they know what they want and see no reason why, with focused effort, they cannot have what they want

  • Have rejection tolerance – they try one more time after yet another NO