Selling on Purpose

How to get 80% from 20% Sales People…

Aimed at anyone in the business of selling needing to purge their self-sabotaging patterns and make the inside-out shift from victim to creator of their own circumstances. A popular topic for Sales Teams, Sales Conferences and Team Building events.

A one-hour interactive presentation designed to entertain, educate and encourage delegates to challenge their assumptions and make new, empowered choices about themselves, their world and their capacity to operate meaningfully in the world and aimed at achieving the following objectives:

  • Realization that we have the power to manifest our ideal selling scenarios.
  • Realization of self-limiting beliefs about ourselves, the world and our capacity to act in the world, resulting in sabotaging patterns which drive sales away from us
  • Harness the psychological traits that distinguish the Super Stars from the also ran’s
  • Build rejection tolerance, optimism, self determination and self motivation
  • Opening minds to higher possibilities and potentials

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