Recreate Yourself

Graham recently had the privilege to work with a brilliantly innovative man who had successfully built up a consulting and training company in the competitive IT industry.


We worked together to get clarity on what he wanted his life to really be about, shine a light on what was blocking him at a deeper level and allow him the space to question old and outdated beliefs, decisions and assumptions in a safe space and discard or re-evaluate them.

He was looking to replace his scarcity mentality with abundance consciousness, get excited about life, get direction, get clarity about ‘monkey mind’, live his life guilt free, have ‘energy’ feeding him instead of draining him.

In short he wanted to ‘wake up – to himself’.


As time went by he began to realize that he did not have to conform – in fact in doing so he was stifling his creative genius and killing his market differentiation. He began to realize that the business, which he had worked so hard, to build up was not really fulfilling his dream for his life and affording him the lifestyle he wanted for himself and his family.

He found himself stuck in a management role that stifled his ingenuity and actually detracted from his usefulness to his clients. He needed to give himself permission to consider and explore alternative income sources including multiple and passive income streams.

Ultimately he came to the realization that if the business that he had so successfully built up had served its purpose for him and that if he could detach himself emotionally from ‘his baby’ he would be much better off financially, no longer having the burden of an expensive infrastructure.


By accepting that his life could be whatever he wanted it to be, we were able to redesign his life and his business to suit himself, his vision / mission and values, and not the myriad ‘pseudo-dependents’ who clung to him.

Today he has sold his interests in his business, having negotiated an innovative win-win arrangement. He has set up a blue print of his ideal business – lean, clean, flexible and exciting, and is energetically pursuing his dream secure in the trust the he really does ‘play in a safe playground’ and that it IS ‘all up to him’!


Through working with Graham, I was able to get clarity on what I really want my life to be about and shine a light on what was blocking me at a deeper level. This allowed me the space to question my old and outdated beliefs, decisions and assumptions in a safe space and either discard or re-evaluate them. This truly was a journey of self-discovery that allowed me to proceed at my own pace and let my life unfold in its own unique way. Today I know that I really do ‘play in a safe playground.

How about you?…