My Resolutions in Action

R 59-00


Why most Resolutions don’t work and how to ACHIEVE ALL that you DO want instead of what you DON’T want…

  • Why most Resolutions cannot work sustainably and how to ACHIEVE what you DO want, rather than more of what you don’t want.
  • How to set yourself up for SUCCESS by challenging your beliefs about yourself, the world and your capacity to act meaningfully in the world.
  • To apply the PRACTICAL PROCESSES, TOOLS & TECHNIQUES that I use personally to sustainably take stock of my life and keep myself at the top of my game.
  • To implement my FOOLPROOF SYSTEM to consistently focus on what needs renewing, reinventing and recreating in your life.

One year from now you could just be 1 year older…
Or…you could be well on your way to clearing your blockages and setting yourself up for consistent and sustainable success…