It’s Never too Late

Graham recently had the privilege to work with a middle-aged man who came to him because he felt his life was a failure. He had been successful once but now felt that he had made too many mistakes and waited too long to ever reclaim his place in the sun.


He had previously run a successful business but had taken some knocks and was now eking out an existence working part time as an accountant. He had a great idea for a business venture but had lost all his self confidence to make a go of it with the result that his dabbling interest was more a frustrating reminder to him of what had been and what could be again if he could only get his self confidence and drive back.


I worked with him initially to blue-sky what his life and business could be like but the problem lay deeper. He felt himself a failure and could not conceive of any possible way to make a success of his life. We worked together to establish the psychological issues beneath his helpless mindset and got him to realize that the mistakes he had made were not failures but experiences which could better equip him to lead a company to success having ‘been there’ already.

Once he had internalized this realization, he felt strong enough to tackle the task of setting up a new company from scratch. He already had many of the skills but needed support in positioning himself and promoting his company to his ideal client profile.


Within a very short time he was moving from strength to strength, taking back his power and building a solid company with the end in mind. Today he has outgrown his business, taken on a partner and has expanded into the neighboring countries in Southern Africa. He works smarter, has more energy and lives a fuller, richer lifestyle supported by a company designed to support his lifestyle.


Since coaching with Graham I have progressed to the directorship of a company that is expanding at a tremendous pace, both in South Africa and across the borders. This brings its own challenges for which you have prepared me admirably to face and resolve, training for which I am most grateful, and without which I would not have been able to rise to meet the challenge. I find my life is now so much richer and satisfying and I am so excited about my prospects for the future. Bless you Graham and your work.

How about you?…