It Could be You

Graham recently had the privilege to work with a lady who came to him because she was stuck in her life.


Now into the second half of her life, yet still active, she had uncovered a very disturbing set of experiences a young child involving abuse on various levels by a pivotal person in her life whom she ought to have been able to trust.

This abuse had caused considerable trauma in her life resulting in her rejecting her femininity, while still raising a family, and embracing a cold impersonal “man’s world” career at which she had become very successful. Yet now that she was in touch with what had happened to her she was questioning her previous assumptions and choices and feeling unloved, lost and overwhelmed.


Over the course of our Coaching session we embarked on a journey to help her regain her belief in herself as a person and more importantly as a woman. She needed to come to terms with the fact that she was a beautiful, successful, acceptable Human Being with no more ‘flaws’ than anyone of us – after all we are all here to ‘work out our stuff’.

Next we dealt with the fact that with her newfound emotional strength she was unhappy in a career that obliged her to view her clients dispassionately as problems to be solved rather than people in need of help.

So we spent some time exploring ways for her to use all of her previous qualifications, skills and experiences while focusing them constructively on something that she found fulfilling.

This done we encountered a new challenge, two in fact: do I really deserve to be happy and earn a good living doing what makes me happy? And how do I make the transfer from doing what I am doing to starting my new venture while maintaining my cash flow and standard of living?

As we explored her options and creatively worked around her criteria a pattern began to emerge, which with insight and trust led her to the conclusion that not only did she deserve to be happy in how she earned her living but that it was actually her birthright.

With this realization emerged her creativity in structuring and re-structuring her life to innovatively bridge the gap and, with some pivotal choices, begin her journey to her Higher Quality of Life.


Today she is living and working in the Eastern Cape creatively eco-developing property with a passion and zest for life of a woman half her age.


It has now all happened exactly according to script. It all started with you asking the right questions and helping me gain the right insights and from there, one thing led to another. Now I am doing a multi -million property development. It is quite a story and the rewards are going to be huge financially in the long run and in most other aspects of my life, I have benefited beyond anything I could have hoped for. With so much thanks and appreciation.

How about you?…