Entrepreneurial Coaching Track

Graham’s Entrepreneurial Track allows him, within a flexible structure to coach, counsel and consult with you to get the clarity on why you are in business for yourself, and what is currently inhibiting your progress as well as provide an unbiased sounding board against which to test your insights, ideas and realizations, be a mirror to provide accurate feedback to you of what he sees and not what you want to hear so as to sustainably keep you on track, hold you accountable and systematically achieve your objectives, both on a personal and organizational level.

Graham’s Entrepreneurial Track consists of 24 1-hour sessions spread over 12 months as required, including telephonic and email support.

Graham can help you to shift your stuff and do the same for anyone you refer to him.

CONTACT GRAHAM now online to set up an Introductory Meeting to discuss your current situation and explore how he can personally help you to Shift your Stuff.

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Graham can help you to:

  • Work smarter, make more money and have more fun than you ever thought possible

  • Develop and balance the essential elements of Technician; Manager and Entrepreneur within yourself and your team

  • Re-engineer your business from the inside-out to set up a turn-key operation that allows you options

  • Support your transition from working IN your Business to working ON your Business